Pisgah Lake

Pisgah Lake, aka Lake Pisgah, aka Pisgah, aka the pond on the way home was an easy landmark to get people navigated to our house. Friends had to rely on some great directions back then, you know before GPS.

The photo above must be during a spring thaw before the 4×4 clubs were able to access the area. At the far end of the lake can be seen the faint trace of what was always a well traveled off-road destination – just not year round.

The water was just deep enough to be too deep to cross. Dad pulled embarrassed drivers of brand new 4x4s out of the lake using the winch on our ’53 Willy’s Wagon every season.

The lake was frozen completely through in the winter time. We had a great time riding our snowmobiles across the flat surface and spinning them around on the ice.